The following reviews are from parents who had children in our program during recent years.

the top 3 private schools in Massachusetts - Winsor, Milton Academy and Roxbury Latin School

Anne -

I wanted to let you know that [my children] were accepted at Milton, Nobles, and Commonwealth School.

The [children] will be going to Nobles - which was their first choice all along.

Thank you again for all of your help. Not only did their work help with the test, but the vocabulary they learned has carried over to their essays and their reading.

Thanks again.


Hi Anne,

I have been meaning to email you! Sorry for the delay!!

[My son] got into ALL the schools he wanted!!!!…BC High, CM and Latin Academy!!

He earned a seat at the O’Bryant too.

So a big thank you to Jen and of course to you for the wonderful help in preparing him for the ISEE.

Thank you again for offering a wonderful service!!


Hi Anne,

Thought I’d drop you a note that [my daughter] took the ISEE lower level test on 01/03 as planned. She scored 100% perfect scores on both math sections, and 92% and 87% on reading and verbal sections. I know she is a bit weak on English, but nevertheless, we are pleased with the results.

Looks like she may have a shot for Boston Latin next year?



Hi, Anne!

Just wanted to let you know that [my son] did well on the ISEE scoring in the 99th percentile on both math sections (it looked like he got one wrong) - thanks for the good work in the prep class.


Hi Anne,

Just thought I’d let you know that [my daughter] got into Boston Latin School, and was ranked 36th. She will be going there next year (joining her brother, who will be a junior). Thank you again for the math tutoring your teachers and program provided her — she has been breezing through 6th grade math!


Dear Anne,

Thought you’d be happy to know that [my daughter] is invited to BLS and her ranking is 33rd overall. She is thrilled and I could not be more proud of her.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job preparing her for the ISEE.


Hi Anne,

Thought I’d share the good news with you!

[My daughter] got into the following private schools we applied to:

  1. Winsor!!!!! Hooray - this was our first choice.

  2. Dana Hall - They were really great.

  3. Newton Country Day

  4. Nobles - wait list

She also got into BLS.

A couple of other parents have talked to her about the amazing opportunities she has and explained to her that not many kids get into Winsor or Dana Hall and she should feel proud and honored to have been chosen

So - we have some big decisions to make.