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Why Boston ISEE Prep?

  • We start our program earlier than most others. Runners don’t train for a marathon in a few weeks, and your child should not be expected to learn everything they need to do well on the test in a few short weeks either. “Slow and steady wins the race” - that’s our philosophy, and it works! Students should start test prep a full year before their test date for optimum results.

  • We offer more hours of instruction than most programs. Most students (even those that are “good” at math and vocabulary/reading comprehension) have not been exposed to this material yet. Is your child comfortable with algebra and geometry? Do they know what the word nepotism means? If not, give us a call, we can help. Even students who attend extracurricular math programs and participate in on-line courses for the gifted need help preparing for this test.

  • We offer highly qualified instructors. Many programs hire college students and pay them close to minimum wage. There is no consistency of staff from year to year, and let’s face it, they have no vested interest in whether your child does well or not., they won’t be around next year - we will. We have been providing ISEE test prep instruction for over 17 years. To learn more about our staff click here.

  • We offer a customized curriculum. We don’t just hand the students the book and expect them to teach themselves. We have developed proprietary lesson plans for the vocabulary and math portions of the exam that breaks up the material into manageable pieces so that students can easily learn what they need to know. Our system has been honed over the years and it is highly effective.

  • We offer accountability. At the start of each verbal session a quiz is administered on the previous lesson’s material to ensure the student has been studying. Cumulative quizzes are given every 4 lessons to ensure the student is retaining the information. At each math session the homework is reviewed by the instructor and corrected to ensure that the student has done the homework and understands the material. There is a quiz given every week in the math session to track progress and measure comprehension. Written progress reports are sent to parents every 4 weeks. One-on-one instruction allows us to give students the time and attention they need. Our emphasis is on teaching - not cramming!

  • And the best reason to work with us for ISEE test prep: We Get Results!


We offer tutoring in person, at our office in West Roxbury, and online via Skype.

Boston ISEE Prep offers tutoring in person at their West Roxbury office or online via Skype.

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- From a Parent of an ISEE student

“When it comes to test prep and the process, Anne Yount’s Boston Tutoring Center delivers results. I found no other place which is as professional and gets right to the point. The tutors have excellent backgrounds and work hard with their students. Anne clearly explains why you need to start test prep 9-12 months before the test vs. taking a week crash course. Our daughter prepared 11 months for the ISEE exam and hit the ball out of the park. She got into all the private schools she applied as well as Boston Latin. Ms. Anne delivers! Thank you to her, the tutors and the staff.”

group of middle school students that attend Boston ISEE Prep