ISEE Test Results

Because we follow up with every student we work with, we have information about test results that no other program has available. There were some interesting findings from our recent analysis of acceptance data.

student of Boston ISEE Prep taking exam
  • A student’s GPA is extremely important in the exam school admissions process! A difference of a 1/2 a point on the GPA (A+ versus an A) and a nearly identical ISEE score can result in a 200-point plus negative drop in student ranking.

  • The test score is also extremely important in the exam school admissions process! A difference of a few points on the test (8 points in total) can yield a drop of 130 plus points in a student’s ranking. Every question on the test counts and every point on the test counts!

  • It is rare that a student with a GPA below an A+ was admitted to Boston Latin School.

  • Students seeking admission to Boston Latin School for the 9th grade have a 3% chance of acceptance. A number of our students have been admitted to the exam schools for the 9th grade.

  • Students accepted to elite private schools such as Roxbury Latin and Nobles generally scored in the 90th percentile across the board on the test, and they had very high grades (generally straight As). In order to receive a generous financial aid package this year students had to have very, very high scores on the test.

  • We are very proud to report that over 90% of our students were admitted to one of their top 2 schools each year, and nearly 100% of our students are admitted to the Boston exam schools each year. In addition, many of our students were awarded very generous scholarship and financial aid packages.

See the list of schools are test prep students have been admitted to in the past few years.

student admitted to Boston Latin School from Boston ISEE Prep

From the parent of two ISEE students:

“We had an amazing experience at Boston Tutoring Center. Thanks to expert math coaching and a detail oriented approach to learning vocabulary words, students of BTC excel, (including our children), who were both admitted to Boston Latin School. The tutors are so experienced and teach content to build a strong knowledge base in preparation for the ISEE exam. One thing parents learn (we are students as well in this process!) is that there are absolutely no shortcuts around the time commitment in order to perform well on an important Exam. Anne Yount and her staff prepare the children while challenging them to stretch past their comfort zone and work with diligence. Their successes can only be achieved when their own hard work follows each tutoring session. The sessions are 2 hours duration weekly, followed by several hours of homework for the week. This is absolutely necessary in order to cover all of the challenging material that may appear on the Exams. I highly recommend the Center!”